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What is a Patient Advocate?

WellBe founder Adrienne Nolan-Smith is a board-certified patient advocate, which is a health professional (think health lawyer/coach/investigator) dedicated to helping people like you become empowered in your health, both in the 100 choices you make a day which make up the majority of your health, and in the kind of healthcare you use when chronic health issues and illnesses arise, so that you can figure out the root cause and allow your body to heal naturally.

The crippling amount of money spent on conventional healthcare and lives lost or sidelined by chronic health issues is not a foregone conclusion. Even if you aren't that sick but have been dealing with stubborn symptoms for months or years, just know that it doesn't have to be this way forever. We have the tools today to live long, symptom-free and disease-free lives, we just need to put them to work.

Work with Adrienne 1:1 to figure out and heal chronic health symptoms or diseases through a step-by-step process of connecting the dots between seemingly disconnected symptoms, gathering published research about what the options are and potential root causes, accessing the right functional and integrative medicine doctors, practitioners, and treatments based on location, specialty, fit, insurance, cost, availability and success with your issue, and having someone to support you along your journey; both when you stumble in the process and need to go back to the drawing board, and when you start to see results.

Trying to figure out or heal a chronic health issue or disease today is a massive time and money suck, and extremely emotional draining for many. Having someone who understands the landscape, can do the time-consuming research, has a network for functional and integrative medicine doctors and practitioners and can coordinate with them (and your conventional doctors) to advocate on your behalf, can save you money and time and reduce your stress, anxiety and overwhelm. It can also help get your health back (and faster than going at it alone), which for most of us, is priceless.


"Adrienne does her homework and keeps it honest. Thank you for all you do in this often opinion-based wellness world." - Dr. Robert Graham, MD
"Adrienne provides information and an action plan for what steps to take as well as what steps the [client] would like to take to proceed further so that the WellBe team can help the best they can with the health issue(s)." - Esther H
"I really appreciated the support, the ideas, and the research. Adrienne is making such a difference in people's lives. She gave my family hope that we could live better, healthier and happier lives!" - Deanna L
Work with Adrienne
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