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In our experience, the barrier of not knowing where to look for information, not understanding the functional or integrative medicine landscape, feeling confused or overwhelmed by wellness or uncomfortable reading product labels is what keeps us from making important lifestyle changes that have a dramatic impact on our health.

Whether it’s research gathered and broken down for you about a particular health topic, help with understanding the ingredients of your favorite skin cream or yogurt brand, or a recommendation for a functional gut health specialist in your city who deals with your particular health issue, the WellBe team is here to support you in every way we can.

We'll use our database research skills, our lists of thousands of vetted non-toxic products in dozens of categories (makeup, skincare, kitchenware, food brands, home, etc) and our directory of over 900 integrative and functional medicine doctors and practitioners to get back to you with custom information and recommendations that are easy to understand, take action with and refer to whenever you need to.

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Non-toxic Product Recommendations
& Vetting Yours
We know it's hard and time consuming to know what products are harmful to your health. That's why we have vetted and compiled thousands of third party verified non-toxic products in dozens of categories and are happy to provide recommendations as well as evaluate your favorite products to see if they are safe to use.
Location-based Recommendations
When you're creating a holistic lifestyle that supports your health, you need to know which places are health-supporting (and which are not!). Ask us for help finding your closest organic coffee shops, WellBe-approved lunch spots near your house, non-toxic hair salons in your city, your closest health food store, etc.
Time-saving Solutions and Tips for Wellness Empowerment
If you’re struggling to make a meditation practice stick, start an exercise routine, meal prep more or do an elimination diet and just want some of our curated resources or recommendations about how to tackle it better, we’ve got you covered.
Functional & Integrative Doctor/Practitioner Recommendations
Navigating the broken healthcare system is nearly impossible, and navigating the world of integrative and functional medicine can be just as confusing and expensive. Based on what you are going for, your location and preferences, we'll provide custom recommendations from our database of over 900 integrative and functional medicine practitioners and doctors and can also assist with calling to gather information on pricing, fit, insurance, and availability.
Research on a health topic
There are over 30,000 new pieces published a day in PubMed (the government database of health research) and millions of published studies online. When you're trying to understand your treatment options for a chronic health issue (big or small!) it can be hard to find and decipher research related to it. Our certified health researchers know how to search and distill what they find so that you can learn about all of your options before choosing the best path.
Articles, books, documentaries, podcasts on a health topic
Whether you're trying to figure out a health issue, going through a life/health experience like pregnancy or menopause or grief, or are just interested in a particular therapy or topic, we'll send you our recommended articles, books, podcasts, documentaries and more on it, so you can feel informed and understand how you can approach it naturally and wisely.

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